Saturday, May 12, 2012

Duct Tape! Plus a Tutorial

Friday night, after I got the kids wrangled into their, play tents on the floors of their rooms...I headed over to a friend's house to break open my brand new Super Mario Bros. and Paul Frank Monkey tape. A while back, I made this Hello Kitty tape wallet for my daughter.

My son liked it (except that it was pink, Hello Kitty, and girly) so when I saw some Super Mario Bros. tape on sale at Target, I knew I needed to grab some! And then they also had Paul Frank Monkey tape, although it was Scotch brand, not Duck Tape (and a bit inferior quality, in my estimation). Anyway, here are the products of that impulse buy! :)
This wallet has a money pocket, two credit card pockets and a small coin purse.
Still pretty nice looking when folded up, and lots of extra tape on the roll!

And now, gentle readers, my very first blog tutorial: 
The Duct Tape Tote!
I hope you enjoy my tutorial. If you would like to see more fun with duct tape, and/or attend a duct tape craft class, please comment!

Step 1: Make two panels for the sides of the bag.
  • Lay 5 strips of tape about 8-9" long so that the long edges overlap by 1/4"-1/2".
  • Starting about 1/2" from the top, lay 4 strips of tape on top, sticky side down (so it sticks to the sticky part of the tape under it) , overlapping by 1/4"-1/2".
  • Fold over top and bottom of tape so you get a smooth panel.
  • You will end up with a panel something like this:

Step 2: Repeat Step 1, then trim edges with a nonstick scissors.

Step 3: Make the gusset panel.

  •  Make a panel 3 strips of tape long, as wide as the length of edge+bottom+edge of a side panel.
  • Lay 2 strips of same length on top (sticky side down), leaving about 1/2" at top and bottom.
  • Fold over top and bottom to make smooth long strip. 

Step 4: Attach gusset panel to the side panels, using strips of tape. Go around 3 sides of one panel, then 3 sides of the other. Here is what it looks like after you attach to the first side panel:

Step 5: Shape bag. Fold sides of gusset panel inward and press down around the edges, to make a little folded indentation going around the bag. It gives it a nice boxy shape.

Step 6: Make and attach straps.
  • Fold long strip in half lengthwise so it sticks together in a narrow strip.
  • Cut strip into two pieces to use for handles.
  • Taking a piece of tape about 5" wide, attach handles to outsides of bag.
 **Oops, forgot to get a photo of this step! Please use your imagination.**

Step 7: Add decorative elements. I was a little short on tape at this point, so instead of a cool pocket or flower, I just made a very simple accordion-fold embellishment. Then I made a second, smaller one using the tape that was stuck to the cardboard spool. I had just enough tape to wrap around the middle of the folded pieces and stick them to the bag.

 Voila, the perfect bag to pack a snack for the afternoon, or a craft project to take on the go!

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