Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Resolu...Oh, Nevermind.

So I am not a big resolution maker. However I do usually set some "goals" at the beginning of the year. Let's review my goals for 2014:

1) Eat better, get to the gym.

How am I doing? Well, I am enjoying the leftover cheesecake from my husband's birthday party. And, school has been cancelled the last two days due to weather. My gym doesn't have a childcare room. So...moving on.

2) Blog regularly!

How am I doing? Well, it is January 7 and I am just now posting for the first time since November. Can you see my red face? I am making a posting schedule--new post every Tuesday (look, I'm doing it now!). Hopefully this will be significantly more successful than #1 up there, or at least more than how it has been the past week.

3) Build inventory for Jenny Ban Creates.
Well, this kids home from school thing is definitely putting a crimp in things. But they are going back tomorrow (collective sigh of relief from local moms). To get started on this goal, I have updated my blog, and put up a page with some of my inventory on hand. Please check it out. I didn't get it all up there (Xbox has been babysitting for too long, must go check on the children), so if you are looking for something else, let me know. I may have it! And, of course, I can always do a custom order.

You can probably see why I am not much of a resolution-maker. I am clearly a much better excuse-maker. Thank you for listening, and Happy New Year!

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