Tuesday, March 18, 2014


This past weekend our family enjoyed the holiday of Purim. Purim is a celebration of a time in ancient Persia where the adviser to King Ahasuerus, a man named Haman, plotted to kill the Jews. Queen Esther, the wife of the king, revealed to him that she, herself, was a Jew, and ultimately the Jews were saved and Haman executed.

To celebrate, we watched my daughter's Sunday School class do a Purim Play, the kids dressed in costume, we attended a Purim Carnival at the Synagogue and ate Hamantaschen. Hamantaschen are delicious cookies shaped like a triangle (Haman supposedly wore a three-cornered hat) and filled with fruit or poppyseed filling.

Because my son is allergic to eggs, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts, we bake our own Hamantaschen. I have a great recipe I found (on the amazing Internet) that I'd like to share with you. It also makes wonderful sugar cookies for Hanukkah or Christmas: "Safe" Hamantaschen Dough

For the filling I like to use Solo brand poppyseed and fruit fillings, however they do have a warning about shared facilities with nuts. We have not had a problem but if you have a nut allergy you might prefer to use jelly, and they will still be delicious!

Here are a couple gratuitous photos of my kids:

This is Lily dressed as Haman (with the Vashti costume underneath -- she had two roles). I had no idea Haman had such long, flowing locks in front of his face!

Elijah is dressed as "Finn" from "Adventure Time". Lily is a sheep. She wanted to make the costume herself, so she made a waistband with a tail and a hat (hard to see here) out of white cardstock. She made some grass as an accessory. Lily was so proud of her costume, and I was so proud of her confidence to wear a self-made costume! Elijah's costume was easy enough, I just made him the hat out of a remnant of white polar fleece, using a free pattern I found at The Stylish Geek.

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