Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shopping Spree

"Kid in a candy store" really does not begin to describe the feeling I get when I head into a craft/sewing store alone with an hour to kill. Yesterday was even better, as I was on a mission to spend. :)

One of my good friends is having a birthday today, and she is a scrapbooker. She also happens to be very excited lately about curated collections, like kits-of-the-month. So for her birthday, I wanted to curate my own "collection" culled from the clearance and sale items at JoAnn. The items I purchased averaged out to about $2 a piece, and I think my most expensive item was only $5. JS--please don't do the math if you are reading this. ;)

If you are a scrapbooker or card maker, I would highly recommend treating yourself to a mini-spree like this once in a while. If you find yourself with a gift card, or need some new goodies, I would definitely recommend the method I used. I set a budget, and then challenged myself to see how many goodies I could get for the money. I tried to buy a wide variety of textures and shapes, as well as a combination of permanent/longer lasting items (such as the embossing folders and washi tape), as well as one-shot items. I kept in mind (and browsed) the hot new trends, and picked some items I knew my scrapper had not used before, or would be hesitant to use (doilies, corrugated kraft shapes, DIY flowers). I personally love the challenge of trying something new, and having it on hand can give me (or her) that extra push!

If you have a great method of picking out scrapping supplies, please let me know! I am always wondering how to choose from the insane selection all the stores and online deal sites offer.

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